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pH provides the information and tools to achieve optimal health

Proactive Health Labs is a revolutionary health assessment center focused on getting you and your family to optimal health. We offer personalized health assessments to help you uncover any imbalances and deficiencies in your body, membership plans to reinforce your commitment to your health, and a wide variety of natural, non-toxic products to keep you healthy, active and balanced.

pH Health Care Professionals
  • Monya De, MD, MPH

    Dr. De is a specialist in internal medicine and previously was a medical reporter for ABC News.

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  • Franz Gliederer, MD, MPH

    Dr. Gliederer is a specialist in anti-aging and preventative medicine as well as in urgent care and occupational medicine.

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  • Pauline J. Jose, MD

    Dr. Jose is a specialist in family medicine. She is also a clinical instructor at UCLA, Department of Family Medicine.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is pH Patient Advocates about?

    pH Patient Advocates gives you the information and tools you need to play a more educated, active role in partnering with your health care providers to ensure you receive the most appropriate medical care available. ...

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  • If I'm eating the right foods, working out and leading a healthy lifestyle, I'm probably pretty healthy, right?

    Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle, this unfortunately doesn't mean that you are healthy. ...

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  • My doctor does all my health tests already, so what benefit would I get from pH Labs?

    pH Labs generally identifies more comprehensive and relevant tests than most doctors. ...

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  • Who will do my testing? How can I be sure the procedure is safe and the results are reliable?

    pH Labs uses the most advanced medical technology for the collection and analysis of samples (saliva, urine, sweat, blood) for our proprietary pH tests. ...

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