Expecting Dads. Here’s How to Pass Good Health to Your Baby

For a long time, many people believed that a mother’s health and lifestyle choices were the only things that affected the health of an unborn child. The thinking went, whatever the mother eats, the unborn baby eats; and whatever the mother did that could harm her health, such as smoking or drinking alcohol, could also harm her unborn child. So, if mom followed a healthy diet and lifestyle, got enough rest and took care of herself, she would likely have a healthy child.

Don’t Resist These Facts When It Comes to Giving Your Kids Antibiotics

It’s officially back-to-school time. And although school is a place where children learn and grow academically and socially, it is also a breeding ground for germs where kids can get sick. For example, check out these common “back-to-school illnesses,” such as pink eye and lice, you should know about. And with flu season rapidly approaching again, the fear of the flu and common cold is constant.

There’s Nothing Fake About the Problem with Fake Marijuana

We’ve previously discussed drug use problems in the United States, such as the opioid crisis, cocaine and the recreational use of marijuana. And now, unfortunately, you need to be aware of another major drug issue - Fake Weed!

Why You Need to Have More Patience with Child’s Play

When we think about workaholics, the phrase, “All work and no play” comes to mind. And it’s true that many of us adults need to “play” more - whether it’s going to a movie, taking a trip, attending a concert or maybe even engaging in a little retail therapy.

Hear Us Out on How to Be Proactive About Protecting Your Hearing

Many people get routine annual physicals and eye exams. But very few get their ears examined. Hearing loss occurs more frequently than you think. The National Institute on Deafness and Communication Disorders (NIDCD) reports:

Avoid the Worst Case Scenario of Mosquito Bites - La Crosse Encephalitis.

Mosquitos are a pain in the you know what - especially during the summer months. Luckily for most of us, these bloodsucking bugs don’t cause any major health issues other than those awful bites that are unbearable to not scratch. But for many, mosquitos actually pose a major threat.

Yes, You Can Live Without Your Adenoids & Tonsils, But Should You?

When the doctor says, “Open up your mouth and say ‘ahhhh,’” he may be looking for signs of inflammation of your tonsils - those lumps of tissue at the back of your throat (tonsilitis).

6 Ways To Improve Joint Health

One of the simplest joys of life is being able to move around comfortably and without pain. Activities like walking, swimming, running, jumping are all movements that can make you feel good - both physically and mentally. And your joints play a huge role in allowing you to perform these activities.

How Rehab Made My Addiction Worse. What to Look For in a Good Rehab Facility.

The most valuable information I can give you regarding this topic is my personal experiences with rehabs and overcoming addiction. I feel it’s important to not sugarcoat this issue. And I do want people to know that in some instances, rehab may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes, it can make our addiction problems worse. When I was about 17-years-old, my parents sent me to a famous and well-respected rehab center in Southern California. I never did any “hard” drugs at the time. I used ecstasy and smoked weed.

I Didn’t Know My Bad Choices In Life May Be Related To Not Playing Team Sports

I first started smoking cigarettes at the age of 13, and I was able to do it without my parents knowing. I took frequent showers, never smoked in the house and always made sure that I had enough cologne on hand to mask the smell.

If You’re Breastfeeding, You Need to Read This

There’s no doubt that breastfeeding is good for your baby. “Among the known health benefits are nutritionally balanced meals, some protection against common childhood infections, and better survival during a baby's first year, including a lower risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,” reports the National Institutes of Health.

Should You Ditch Your Kitchen Towels for Paper Towels?

Are you one of those people who will practically go through an entire roll of kitchen paper towels in one day? Or are you more environmentally conscious and use reusable kitchen towels?

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