Pears For A Hangover?

Pears are one of the oldest fruits cultivated by man. They are believed to have originated in China and be native to Europe, North Africa and Asia. There is evidence of these fruits being consumed since prehistoric times.

Blueberries May Help You Fight Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women worldwide. According to the American Cancer Society, about 13,240 new cases of invasive cervical cancer will be diagnosed in 2018. And about 4,170 women are predicted to die from cervical cancer this year. Many cases of cervical cancer occur in women younger than 50.

Anemia Is More Than Just Iron Deficiency

Fatigue and lack of energy are two very common complaints you may have after you engage in physical activity or have not had enough sleep. However, persistent complaints may be attributed to anemia - a very common blood disease that affects over 3 million Americans.

Why the French Call Tarragon “King of Herbs"

One of my resolutions this year is to cook more meals at home. And this can be a challenge because if I am not careful, my meals may all start to taste the same. So I have had to educate myself on a myriad of spices and herbs to vary the flavor.

Orthorexia: When Eating Healthy Turns Ugly

It’s that time of year again when we focus on positive changes we want to make in our lives. This is commonly referred to as New Year’s resolutions. One popular type of resolution is a lifestyle change that is likely to make us healthier - like eating healthier.

These Nutrients Might Stop You From Losing Your Mind

Reportedly, there are around 3.5 million people in the United States diagnosed with schizophrenia. It is one of the leading causes of disability. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that people with schizophrenia pose a high risk for suicide. Approximately one-third will attempt suicide and, eventually, about 1 out of 10 will take their own lives.

Information all Denture Wearers Should Know

A human adult is supposed to have a total of 32 teeth. But as you age, or have mishaps, you may lose teeth and wear dentures to make up for that loss.

Eat to Feel Happy or Eat to Feel Sad - It’s Your Choice

Most of us know that eating healthy helps prevent developing a variety of diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. What you may not know is that what you eat may significantly affect your mood. Moreover, what is recommended that you eat in order to prevent mental distress may change as you age.

Why You Shouldn’t Let the Smell of Cabbage Keep You Away

Some people may not like to cook cabbage because of the unpleasant smell. The smell is pretty strong and gets stronger the longer you cook it. However, as you will see, the benefits outweigh the smell, so it is important to learn more about this nutrient packed vegetable and consider adding it to your diet.

Poor Eating Habits is Killing Half of America

Nearly half of all American adults - 117 million people - have chronic diseases which are related to poor diet and physical inactivity. And one of these diseases is heart failure.

Why You Should Care About Nutrient Deficiency

If you feel tired and sluggish, irritable, as if you lack the ability to concentrate or maybe even depressed, don’t simply attribute not feeling like your best self to stress and not getting enough sleep. Yes, you may need a vacation, but the truth is your body may not be getting the amount of nutrients it needs from your diet.

Top 6 Ways Cumin Can Help You Get Healthier

Spices and herbs are great flavoring agents you can easily use in a variety of ways to prepare healthy meals. The tastier you make your healthy meals, the more likely you will eat them and continue cooking healthy meals.

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