How Selena Gomez Fought Back From Lupus (And How You Can Too)

She’s young, beautiful and her career is on fire as a singer and dancer who performs around the world, so Selena Gomez’s millions of fans were shocked when she cancelled a world tour in 2016 and revealed to the world that she had been battling lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease.

How to Make a Healthy and Tasty Hot Dog for National Hot Dog Day

We are in the thick of summer, and today is National Hot Dog Day! What better excuse to fire up the barbeque and enjoy one of the most classic American treats?

Lung Cancer, The Leading Cause of Cancer Death, Just Took George Romero

I’m deeply saddened to hear there has been yet another loss of a young life in the entertainment industry. “Night of the Living Dead” director, filmmaker, writer and horror film trendsetter George Romero died this past Sunday after enduring a “brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer.”

Papaya: The Fruit Salma Hayek Swears By and One You Should Not Overlook

I’m all ears when it comes to the gorgeous Salma Hayek giving beauty advice. The ageless 50-year-old actress, who was born in Mexico, recently launched a line of smoothies that are not only meant for drinking but also for use as face masks. Hayek was inspired to create this line of edible smoothies by her grandmother, who would crush up papaya and apply it to her face as a mask.

Why Everyone Should Upgrade Parsley from Plain Old Garnish to Healthy Salad

Whenever the word parsley comes to mind, I usually think of decorations for my dinner table at Christmas or Thanksgiving time. I don’t recall ever eating it, so I decided to do some research to see if it was worth the effort to start eating this plant.

Sickle Cell Has Taken One of Our Rap Greats, Prodigy

Sadly, it seems like so many young lives are being lost in the entertainment industry. Albert Johnson, better known as Prodigy, a rapper who was one half of the New York City hip-hop duo Mobb Deep died last month. He was only 42-years-old.

From Fighting Cancer to Keeping You Regular, Here’s Why Mango is “The King of Fruits”

Mangoes (along with bananas) are one of the most widely consumed fruits worldwide. A common nickname for this stone fruit, native to South Asia, is “The King of Fruits.” In India, a basket of mangoes is considered a gesture of friendship.

Not Up for Debate: Get Enough Vitamin C or Risk Aging Rapidly

As a young adult, I knew vitamin C was good for my health. I associated it with citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons or products like Emergen-C. And I recall learning somewhere in my educational process that people who didn’t get enough vitamin C in their diets may get scurvy. For example, some sailors on long voyages in the 17th and 18th centuries died from scurvy when they ran out of fresh food supplies. But I never met anyone who had scurvy.

Nelsan Ellis’ Death: We Are Beyond Words, but Let’s Try to Understand What Happened

Fans around the world were shocked and deeply saddened by the recent death of actor Nelsan Ellis. He was well known for playing the breakthrough role of a gay Black man named Lafayette Reynolds on the HBO series “True Blood.”

What’s the Secret to Longevity? It May Be Golf

Golf is a sport that is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. About 25 million Americans play this sport. I have been playing golf for nearly twenty years. I love the sport. It is an activity that has kept me both physically and mentally fit. It is engaging and taught me humility, patience, discipline, perseverance and the ability to focus on improving my thinking in order to be successful both at the sport and life.

Increase Workplace Wellness to Decrease Workplace Violence

The recent killing in Orlando of five people by a disgruntled former employee is a tragic reminder that workplace violence remains a real and increasing threat to America’s workforce. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately two million workers are victims of workplace violence every year, and this number is increasing. Even more alarming is that homicide is the fourth-leading cause of workplace deaths. In addition to the unnecessary tragedies of people losing their family members and loved ones, estimates put the total economic cost of workplace violence at more than $55 billion.

Is The White House Impacting Your Health? Here is How You Can Be Proactive

Since the election, there’s some evidence that many Americans have experienced an increase in fear and anxiety. Two-thirds of adults say they’re stressed about the future of the United States, according to a report from The New England Journal of Medicine.