Just How Good is Tomato for Your Health?

I’m always growing tomatoes in my garden. It’s one of my go-to fruits (yes, tomatoes are fruits) for adding extra freshness and flavor to salads, pastas, sandwiches, sauces and more.

Man Blames OTC Drug, Coricidin, For Killing Wife. Does He Have a Case?

A tragic incident took place last Friday when Matthew Phelps, 29, allegedly stabbed his wife to death after taking too much cold medicine.

Aspirin May Help You Keep Tooth Decay Away!

Aspirin, a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, for years has been praised for its ability to relieve common aches and pains and even reduce the risk of heart attack and cancer. And now, a recent study suggests that aspirin may be good for your teeth.

Try Quinoa! It’s Healthy and Let’s Face It, Rice Gets Boring

It’s Monday, and if you want to take an extra step in being proactive about your health, make today a #MeatlessMonday. If you go meatless every Monday for a year (52 days total), you may reduce your risk for certain diseases including cancer, heart disease and more.

Don’t Lose Your Hair AND Your Mind During Menopause

Hair. You are born with very little, and when you get older, you start to lose it!

What's Wrong with Drinking Diet Soda While Pregnant? (Only, Everything!)

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. One in 3 children are obese. And obesity puts kids at risk for numerous health problems, like diabetes.

Is IG Bad for Your Mental Health? Depends Who You Follow

The month of September is usually recognized as a time to shine a light on suicide and figure out ways we can be proactive about it. That is why September is referred to as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

Are You a Fan of Bell Peppers? This Mislabeled Fruit Has Lots of Health Benefits

You may classify them as veggies, but bell peppers are actually fruits! They come from the reproductive bodies of seed plants, which make them fruits. Bell peppers, also called sweet peppers, are a part of the nightshade family, which also includes potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant. And as you probably know, bell peppers come in a variety of beautiful, bright colors: yellow, orange, red and green. What you may not know is that different colored bell peppers are achieved through varying harvesting times. For example, green varieties are harvested before red or yellow pigment appears.

Love Selfies? New App May Help You Detect Pancreatic Cancer

Sometimes it seems like we practically live on our phones: talking, texting, emailing, tracking, snapping selfies. And I’m a fan of fitness and other health apps that help me be proactive about eating right and exercising. But I never thought taking a selfie might save my life.

Have a Sweet Tooth? It May Be Because You’re a Coffee Drinker

Many people like to start the day with a hot cup of coffee. And coffee has been reported to have many health benefits including combating inflammation and helping with fat burn potentially (especially prior to a workout).

Why You Shouldn’t Be Jealous of People Who Can Eat Junk Food and Not Gain Weight

Have you ever been envious of people who seem to be able to eat whatever they want and still maintain a healthy weight? If you have, a recent study may make you feel differently.

We’re Loving This Partnership with Amazon and Whole Foods

Accessibility to healthy foods makes it easier for us to be proactive about our health. And unfortunately, for some of us, a lack of money means a lack of accessibility to healthy foods.


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