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My Health Secrets

I shared my health secrets with "Better Nutrition." What are your health secrets? Do you care to share?

Healthy Living for Golf and Life

A story about how to stay healthy on and off the golf course.

Healthcare attorney and consumer who has spent the last 30 years educating myself about various healthcare issues.

A personal story - My journey to better health

Yup, Alcohol Is On My Mind!

Had no clue I would have to educate myself so much about alcohol because I don't drink. But even when we don't drink, we need to know about alcoholism so we can help family and friends.

Health Habits That Do Make a Difference

Have you ever thought what will happen if you try to improve your poor eating habits and change behaviors leaning towards health-conscious eating? My journey to the healthy lifestyle was hard but it made a huge difference.

Speak up when you go to your doctor. Don't be intimidated.

My friend never asked about any side effects of his blood thinning and other medications which he has been taking for many years. Now he has difficulty being physically active.

My Healthy Journey

I Got Rid Of My Hot Flashes By Balancing My Nutrients!


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