Exercise isn’t just about your weight, it’s about enjoying your life

Physical exercise

By pH health care professionals

Of course you know exercise is important for your health. Of course you’ve heard that 150 minutes of cardio a week is recommended for overall fitness and wellness. So, why do you need to read yet another article about exercise? Because exercise can help you have more energy, feel happier, get better sleep, improve your sex life and reduce your risk for serious health problems at the same time!

Let’s look at how exercise can help you enjoy a full life. It can help you:

  •         Feel energetic and smile more. Contrary to what your logic would tell you, when you are physically tired, exercising can increase your energy. This is how it works: Through exercise, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your tissues and your cardiovascular system works more efficiently, which, in turn, allows you to have more energy. If you add in the element of chemicals being released by your brain during exercise, the increased energy meets the happy feeling of endorphins in your body, allowing you to feel energetic, happy, and in a better mood overall.
  •         Decrease your risk for diseases. Exercise increases levels of HDL cholesterol (the “good” kind), and decreases unhealthy triglycerides. This directly benefits the blood flow in your body and decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease. Exercise can also decrease your risk for other health problems like stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and depression. According to a study published recently in JAMA Internal Medicine, people who don’t exercise at all tend to be at the highest risk for premature death, whereas those who exercise even just a little reduced their risk by 20 percent. And people who followed the recommended 150 minutes a week had 31 percent less risk.
  •         Enjoy good food without the guilt. Wish you could eat more calories per day? Exercise can allow you to increase your food intake without putting on weight by increasing your basal metabolic rate (the calories you need to consume in a day to maintain the same weight) and decreasing your net calories (calories from food minus calories burned through exercise). 
  •         Sleep like a baby. If you are still looking for more benefits of including exercise in your daily routine, know that engaging in physical activity can help you not only to fall asleep but also to remain asleep and to have a deeper sleep, thus feeling rested and energized when you wake up.
  •         Improve your sex life. Feeling energized and looking better through exercise can make a positive impact on your sex life. When exercise is a regular part of your routine, you can benefit from enhanced arousal if you’re a woman and you can be less likely to experience erectile dysfunction if you are a man.
  •         Have more fun! Now, for the cherry on top, exercise can bring an element of fun into your life! Some of today’s training techniques focus on making exercise an enjoyable activity, bringing playfulness and fun to working out.

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Enjoy Your Healthy Life!

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