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Minerals - The Forgotten Nutrient: Your Secret Weapon for Getting and Staying Healthy

Whether your desire is to lose weight, have more energy, escape the run of the mill ways to take care of your health, experience better moods, or just have a deeper understanding of your overall health, Minerals: The Forgotten Nutrient is your guide. Read something eye-opening, finally. The latest tools and fads don’t compare to having the right foundation for proper health with minerals. ***Available in paperback edition. Also available on iBooks and Kindle.

Written by experienced health care professionals who are in the business of educating the public about being their healthiest. 



*** 100’s of credible sources - so you know you can trust what you read 

Book includes topics like:

• Minerals and anxiety
• Minerals and weight management
• Minerals and depression 
• A discussion on how minerals affect those taking prescription drugs
• Fatigue and minerals discussion
• Minerals and cancer discussion
• Plus real-world suggestions you can start using today and a listing of places to test for mineral deficiency


What People Are Saying


“Enjoyed the book very much and learned a ton. I think you have pointed the importance of minerals, but also pointed out that too much of these minerals can have significant adverse effects. I think the book will be particularly popular with people who have an interest in living a healthy lifestyle.”

Robert Kerlan, medical doctor


“This book does a great job of explaining the intricate relationships between the minerals in the body and the importance of maintaining optimal ratios in a way that is accessible to Joe Public, but also addresses professionals. I just wish texts like this were required reading for medical, nutritional or any and all health-care related students and providers.”

Melissa Ashworth Michelini, yoga instructor


“This is the most comprehensive book I have ever read on minerals and their application to disease processes and health.” 

Sue Acquisto, health care consultant