Bananas Aren’t Always Yellow. Let’s Talk About Red Bananas

If I asked you what color bananas are, you’d probably look at me like I’m crazy and say, “yellow.”

Cellulite Got You Down? Learn How You Can Be Proactive

Cellulite is pretty common. Some physicians refer to it as edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy (EFP). Even celebrities and athletes, who we sometimes tend to think have “perfect bodies,” get it. For example, plus size model Ashley Graham posted a photo on Instagram of the cellulite on her thighs and buttocks area, with the caption, “I workout. I do my best to eat well. I love the skin I’m in. And I’m not ashamed of a few lumps, bumps or cellulite...and you shouldn’t be either.”

Let’s Talk About Wax. Earwax!

The following story is not for the squeamish. An audiologist (which is a doctor who specializes in balance and hearing problems) in Leicestershire, England removed a clump of earwax (cerumen) from a patient that was so large it clogged up the entire ear canal!

Golfer Attacked By Rabid Bobcat. Learn How You Can Be Proactive About Rabies

In Connecticut, four golfers had an unexpected visitor on the fairway. This visitor was a bobcat.

Brooks Koepka Reveals He’s Never Had a Hot Drink. Is This a Good Thing?

For many people, savoring a hot cup of coffee in the morning or curling up with a hot, soothing cup of tea at night is one of life’s greatest, simplest pleasures.

Are You an “Intactivist” When it Comes to Circumcision?

Andrew Yang (D) is a national political candidate who recently made headlines when he stated his opposition to infant circumcision and his desire to incorporate this stance into public policy. Siding with “intactivists,” (those who are publicly opposed to circumcision), he went so far as to say that “history will prove them even more correct.” (Infant circumcision refers to surgical removal of an infant’s foreskin).

This Nutrient Deficiency May Have You on Pins & Needles!

Usually when I have a really important court appearance or a very critical business meeting, you might hear me say that “I’m on pins and needles.” Some law school graduates may also describe the feeling they get while waiting for their bar exam results as being on “pins and needles.” However, for other people like myself, “pins and needles” may have an additional meaning. It may be a sensation in the calves and feet when I don’t get enough vitamin B12. It’s an uncomfortable feeling, to say the least. Another term sometimes used to refer to “pins and needles” is paresthesia.

Following the Alkaline Diet is a Balancing Act. Literally!

One diet that has been embraced by many people is the alkaline diet. It is a diet that has even caught the attention of celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Kelly Ripa. But in my opinion it is a diet that should be embraced by most people, because it isn’t a fad diet and is necessary for the proper functioning of our bodies.

You Should Probably Avoid Frying White Potatoes

Potatoes are the most consumed vegetable. Yes, they are technically a vegetable but are more nutritionally similar to starches.

Saffron, the Posh Spice

Saffron is like the Rolls-Royce of spices. It is one of the most expensive spices in the world by weight. This luxurious spice is derived from the flower Crocus sativus, a beautiful purple flower, more commonly known as the ‘saffron crocus.’ Reportedly, it takes about 1,000 flowers to produce just one ounce of saffron! That’s why it may cost you $10 to $13 dollars per gram.

A Lack of Exercise May Be the Reason Your Teen Is Hitting the Snooze Button

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “Sleep is an important part of your daily routine—you spend about one-third of your time doing it. Quality sleep – and getting enough of it at the right times -- is as essential to survival as food and water. Without sleep you can’t form or maintain the pathways in your brain that let you learn and create new memories, and it’s harder to concentrate and respond quickly.”

When It Comes to Cholesterol, White Meat May Not be Better than Red Meat

For as far back as many of us can remember, doctors and health experts have recommended eating white meat, such as chicken, instead of red meat if we wanted to control our cholesterol levels. This advice was reinforced by the poultry industry, well-known and respected nutritionists, research institutions and even the government!

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