Shocking Truths About Dieting and Losing Weight!

When it comes to losing weight and being satisfied with the way our bodies look, whatever will help us achieve quick results and instant gratification is usually the most appealing. This may be part of the reason why an estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year, and Americans spend $33 billion each year on weight loss products.

The Link Between Ultra-Processed Foods and Cancer

They say you are what you eat. If this is true and you eat a lot of ultra-processed foods, you may be “cancerous.”

Carrots: The Root of Your Healthy Lifestyle

Along with sweet potatoes, beets, onions and radish, carrots are considered root vegetables.

Crap!!! Your Cup of Coffee May Also Come With Acrylamide - A Dangerous Chemical.

If you live in California and part of your morning routine involves a visit to Starbucks, Coffee Bean or any other coffee shop, you may soon see signs in these places, informing you of something far more critical than the seasonal frappuccino flavors.

Why You Should Be in Love With Pomegranates

One of the most popular Valentine’s Day treats is chocolate. And if you are a health nut, you might suggest dark chocolate gifts to celebrate the day, because chocolate is widely known to have health benefits, like putting you in a good mood. Recently, it has even been reported that eating chocolate may be better than codeine to stop a cough (and who wants to be coughing on Valentine’s Day?).

What Does Adrenal Insufficiency Have to Do with the Flu?

Most overall healthy adults, especially those who have received the flu vaccine, are able to weather even the worst of flu symptoms and recover in a relatively short period of time.

Guinep: A Healthy Fruit You Should Know About

Fruits contain many essential nutrients that are necessary for us to maintain good health. And we have many options to choose from when it comes to obtaining our daily supply of nutrients.

What Artichokes Are Really Hiding Under All Those Layers

The artichoke is one of the world’s oldest medicinal plants. They were seen in ancient Egyptian writings as a symbol of fertility and sacrifice. Ancient Greeks and Romans used this plant as a digestive aid. And reportedly in 16th century Europe, the artichoke was favored as a food by royalty.

Chard! This Healthy Food May Deserve a Place on Your Plate

Swiss chard is sometimes described as one of the healthiest foods in the world.

3 Nutrients Women May Need When They Exercise

If you are a young woman who is an athlete or simply looking to improve exercise performance, listen up!

Cayenne Pepper, a Healthy Food That’s Worth the Kick

The health benefits of cayenne peppers are touted all over the Internet. There is the cayenne cleanse for losing weight or curing digestive problems. It is reportedly good for constipation, allergies, gas and even hypertension. One health professional even stated that “'you can normalize blood pressure in three months with garlic, but when you add enough cayenne, it can happen in three days.”

Parkinson’s Adds Another Great to Its List- Be Proactive

Singer Neil Diamond kicked off his 50 Year Anniversary World Tour in April of 2017. The 77-year-old Grammy winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee was going strong and giving fans what they wanted, stellar performances with his greatest hits like “Sweet Caroline” and “America.”

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