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Proactive Health Labs makes understanding your body
easy so you can enjoy a healthy life

Our mission: make it easier to lead healthier lives, reduce incidence of chronic diseases

Did you know chronic diseases is one of the biggest threats to our nation’s future?
  • Diabetes: Almost 10% of the American population has diabetes
  • Blood Pressure: 32% of American adults have high blood pressure
  • Obesity: More than one-third (36.5%) of American adults are obese

These diseases increase risk for heart attacks, cancer, mental illnesses such as depression, reproductive disorders, kidney damage and more. The reality is they may lead to early death. Good news is you can take steps to prevent this from happening to you and your loved ones. We are here to help you take these steps.

Obtain better health information for a healthier future

Proactive Health Labs (pH Labs) is a national, nonprofit organization that informs consumers on the most pressing health issues and gives them the health education they need to take better care of themselves.

You can’t get healthier without accurate health information

Many people rely on inaccurate and incomplete health information. At pH Labs, we provide easy-to-understand information curated by a team of healthcare professionals, including medical doctors, healthcare attorneys, personal trainers and nutritionists.

How we help
  • Relevant, easy-to-understand and credible health care information available on our website, social media and newsletters.
  • Advanced health screenings using technology not often used by traditional doctors
  • Health Centers
  • Free group and individual seminars
How you can help
  • Become a volunteer at one of our health centers
  • Request we host a seminar for your group
  • Donate

Let’s work together to ensure our children will be more educated about
chronic diseases and health than we were at their age.

pH Labs makes it easier to lead healthier lives, reduce incidence of chronic diseases.
Proactive Health Labs gives you the information and tools you need to be your healthiest.
Implement pH Labs wellness program and read articles on nutrition.
Enjoy a healthy life!