Know What Nutrients Our Prescription Drugs Deplete From Our Bodies To Reduce Side Effects

At some point in our lives, we will find it necessary to take prescription drugs. They are necessary for our healthy lives too. And when we do, we have to be aware of the necessary nutrients they deplete from our bodies so we can work with a competent health care provider to replace them. We can replace those nutrients through diet, quality supplements or intravenously.

Taking Metformin to Manage Your Diabetes? Make Sure Your Doctor Checks Your Vitamin B12 Levels!

If you have type 2 diabetes, the odds are you are taking the prescription medicine metformin to help manage it. Also known by the brand names Glucophage, Carbophage, Riomet, Fortamet, Gluformin and Diaformin, among others, metformin is believed to be the world’s most prescribed antidiabetic medication since it first appeared in scientific literature almost 100 years ago. Metformin became commercially available in the United Kingdom in the late 1950s, in Canada in the early 1970s and in the United States in 1995.

Did Your Pediatrician Just Write Your Child a Prescription for Obesity?

There is a worldwide obesity epidemic, and recent data shows a significant number of children as young as five years of age and under are obese. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of overweight or obese infants and young children (aged 0 to 5 years) increased from 32 million globally in 1990 to 41 million in 2016.

Antibiotics & Your Gut: Make Sure the Good Guys Don’t Finish Last

Depending on your age, health status, diet, medications and overall lifestyle, your gut microbiomes are essentially ever-changing landscapes of living organisms (trillions of them!). As with any community, both good and bad bacteria reside in your gut. And whether your gut has more of the ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ may depend on your health and lifestyle.

What “Breaking Bad” Failed to Mention About Meth

Much attention has been directed at America’s massive opioid problem. And as a result, the issue of methamphetamine (meth) abuse in the U.S. has probably fallen to the wayside.

Let’s Be Proactive About Fentanyl

Angela Kennecke is a news reporter who reported for years about the opioid epidemic in America. Unfortunately, she became directly affected by the very problem she had dedicated her career to informing people about. Kennecke’s daughter recently died due to a fentanyl overdose.

Why Parents Need to Know About Vyvanse

If you or a family member has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (often called ADHD or ADD), you most likely have heard about Adderall or Ritalin, both of which have been on the market for decades. And if you have college-age children, you probably have also heard that many students use these medications, sometimes without the proper prescription from a doctor, in an attempt to gain a “competitive edge” in their academic performance. This practice is similar to how some athletes take pharmaceuticals to improve their performance.

Why Trump’s Doctor May Be in Trouble for Helping White House Staff Sleep

There are times when we may just not feel good. We may get stressed, overworked, sleep deprived and feel chronically fatigue. And when you feel this way, you may just want a quick solution to feel better and get through your daily activities and job functions.

The Secret to Pain Management Starts with Diet

Pain management can be a daunting task. If you are a Tom Petty fan, you had to be saddened by his recent death in October, 2017 from his unsuccessful attempt at managing his pain with opioids. He was just 66-years-old.

You Can Medicate, but You Need to Communicate

Adverse drug events – harm resulting from medication use – cause more than one million visits to hospital emergency departments each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

How To Be Proactive About Birth Control

Nowadays, there is a variety of contraceptives to choose from (reportedly around 15 different methods). And for young women who want to avoid pregnancy, all of these options may be overwhelming.

Boomers Are At Higher Risk For Opioid Addiction: Here’s How To Protect Yourself

If you’d like to see upfront-and-personal the face of the fastest-growing group of people at risk for opioid addiction and abuse, look in your bathroom mirror. While it may be comforting to believe that drug addiction affects mostly people who are “not like us,” the truth is a little different.

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