September is Healthy Aging Month. The Weight of This Is Up to You!

September is Healthy Aging Month. In order to have a healthier mindset about aging in general, we should probably stop using the term anti-aging. The word anti means opposed to or against. I, for one, am not against aging.

We Must Be Proactive About Osteoarthritis, The Most Common Kind of Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. It is a degenerative joint disease, meaning that it worsens over time.

September is Healthy Aging Month. Let’s Be Proactive With These 5 Things

Growing old is a privilege denied to many. And even for those who grow old, many may not age healthfully. According to Chuck Norris, the key to the future in an aging society is not found in increasing just our life span; we need to increase our health span at the same time. The best years may be ahead of you, especially if you are proactive about your health and wellness.

Make Stretching a Part Of Your Daily Routine: Your Mature Body Will Thank You!

Do you remember doing calisthenics in your gym class? You might recall the part where you had to try to touch your toes by bending over from a standing position or while sitting on the floor with your legs extended.

Coenzyme Q10. The Holy Grail Of Anti-Aging

Perhaps we would approach aging differently if we were educated and armed with the education and tools necessary to age as healthily as possible.

Why Golf May Be The Perfect Sport For Boomers

This news story from 2018 discusses a man by the name of Ronald Brockwell who was celebrating his 100th birthday at the time. Brockwell’s daughter attributed his longevity to golf.

The Medicare Population’s View on Healthcare

Today, more seniors are empowering themselves with the information they need to better partner with their healthcare providers, according to Stephenson-Laws. “By doing so, seniors may have a more positive outlook on healthcare since they are playing a more active role in decisions related to their health,” Stephenson-Laws says.

Playing Games May Help Avoid Depression

There has been a good amount of research recently to see what benefit, if any, playing games such as Mahjong, Scrabble and Bingo, or doing crosswords, Sudoku or jigsaw puzzles, could have on boomer mental health. The answer is, “a lot!”

Elderly Man Had Urine Sucked Out of Bladder On International Flight?! An Unexpected “Air Disaster” That Brings Attention to Bladder Care

The following story really caught my attention. Not only is this story just shocking in itself, but it also brings up an issue we really don’t talk a lot about - bladder care and health.

Want to Improve Your Health Past 60? Take a Cruise!

Did you just do a double take after reading this title? If you did, it would be totally understandable.

Why Angela Bassett Looks Much Younger Than Her 60 Years. It’s Not Just Diet & Exercise

It’s hard to believe actress Angela Bassett is 60-years-old. She looks much younger which may be due to her healthy diet and exercise routine. But she may also just have an advantage she was born with: her race.

Boomers And Bongs – How Safe Is Medical Marijuana For Older Adults?

I read a tongue-in-cheek quip the other day that said, “Talk with your grandparents about marijuana – before somebody else does.” While this is clearly a clever play on the slogan from years gone by aimed at keeping kids off drugs, it’s really not that far off the mark.

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