Here’s What You Need to Know About Ozempic

It is an injectable prescription medicine that is a semaglutide (which essentially decreases blood sugar). Ozempic is just a common brand name for this drug.

Red Light May Improve Blood Sugar Levels by Optimizing ATP Production

Have you thought about your mitochondria lately? Didn’t think so, but it’s super important. Almost every cell in our bodies has several thousand mitochondria. Often called the cell’s powerhouse, they process oxygen and help convert food into energy.

Flaxseeds Are Not Nature’s Botox. Here’s How You Can Be Proactive About Maintaining Youthful Skin

There’s a viral skin care trend going around TikTok lately. Flaxseeds! People have been making a DIY flaxseed gel mask and calling it “nature’s Botox.” Learn about more credible ways to improve your skin such as red light therapy, Emface and nutrition.

Bright Light Therapy May Help Diminish Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue

A recent study found evidence suggesting that MS patients had less fatigue after just two weeks of undergoing light therapy.

Don’t Let the Great Outdoors Give You Lyme Disease This Summer

We are in the heart of tick season (which is April to September). If you are a golfer, you know how addicting the game is, however, you also need to be especially proactive about preventing lyme disease.

Is Hypertension Inevitable?

Dr. Dre recently went into detail about some serious health issues he experienced in 2021. While hospitalized for a brain aneurysm, he suffered three strokes. This certainly was a wake up call for Dr. Dre, especially because he didn’t appear to be your “typical stroke victim.”

Good Sleep Can Be a Game Changer, Literally!

Less than one third of American adults are getting restorative sleep every night. A lack of quality sleep has been linked to an increased risk of developing heart disease, dementia, kidney disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity and depression.

Why Some People May Be Scared of the Chiropractor!

Just last month, 41-year-old Stefanie Smith, died on an airplane that was coming back from the Dominican Republic where she was vacationing with her friends. Smith’s cause of death was ruled as a carotid artery dissection. In order to understand what this is, we need a basic understanding of the carotid arteries.

Even Small Amounts of Licorice Can Raise Blood Pressure and Overwork Your Heart

Black licorice. Most people either love it or hate it. It’s definitely an acquired taste. Glycyrrhizic acid is what gives licorice its sweet taste, but it is also a compound that can cause potassium levels to drop and potentially increase blood pressure. 

Yet Another Reason Why Dogs Should Be Your Friend!

A recent study conducted by researchers from Konkuk University in South Korea found evidence exhibiting that interacting with dogs can “increase brainwaves associated with stress relief and heightened concentration.”

Some Apple Cider Vinegar Each Day May Keep the Belly Away?

Just when I think I have heard of every diet under the sun, I hear about yet another one that is new to me. Apparently, there is an apple cider vinegar (ACV) diet.

Let’s Discuss MRI Safety

In a shocking story, a 40-year-old man in Brazil died after bringing a concealed loaded gun into the MRI room where his mother was receiving the scan.

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