Study Shows Internet Use May Be Beneficial, But Still Be Proactive

A study analyzed 16 years of data from 2.4 million people globally and revealed evidence suggesting that internet use was linked to better overall well-being. The researchers looked at factors such as life satisfaction and sense of purpose.

Red Light Therapy May Have Your Back, Literally!

The more I research light therapy, the more I am convinced that this therapy is practically a way for us to become superhuman. I came across a recent article about how researchers found promising evidence suggesting that spinal cord injury patients may benefit greatly from red light therapy.

Trauma and Your Health – What You Need to Know

Current research suggests that trauma does not impact only our emotional state but can, and often does, negatively impact our physical health for years.

Flaxseeds Are Not Nature’s Botox. Here’s How You Can Be Proactive About Maintaining Youthful Skin

There’s a viral skin care trend going around TikTok lately. Flaxseeds! People have been making a DIY flaxseed gel mask and calling it “nature’s Botox.” Learn about more credible ways to improve your skin such as red light therapy, Emface and nutrition.

Bright Light Therapy May Help Diminish Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue

A recent study found evidence suggesting that MS patients had less fatigue after just two weeks of undergoing light therapy.

Yet Another Reason Why Dogs Should Be Your Friend!

A recent study conducted by researchers from Konkuk University in South Korea found evidence exhibiting that interacting with dogs can “increase brainwaves associated with stress relief and heightened concentration.”

How to Be Proactive About Your Brain Health with an EEG

Obviously, we want to take exceptional care of our brains. The best way to do this is to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, but we may be missing a critical tool - effective use of EEGs.

Another Reason to Consider the Emsella Chair for Incontinence – Your Future Health

Urinary incontinence - a loss of bladder control that can cause everything from small leaks to not being able to make it to the bathroom - typically becomes more common as we age. Almost 60 percent of older women experience it at some point.

Practicing Mindfulness May Be What’s Missing From Your Proactive Health Arsenal

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Focus. I now want you to imagine biting into a big, juicy lemon wedge. What did you notice? I bet you started to salivate or maybe even felt a tingling sensation in your mouth. You may have even puckered. That’s how powerful your thoughts are.

Ozone Therapy – What You Need to Know

It’s important to balance what most people know as “traditional” practices with more innovative practices to maintain our health. I have tried and continue to use alternative therapies such as cryotherapy, acupuncture, red-light therapy, ocean therapy and vitamin infusions. And recently, I have been fascinated with ozone therapy.

Let’s Talk About Farts!

Farting is something we don’t talk about enough. And it is, afterall, a normal function of the human body. Understanding our body and all its many functions is a great way to be proactive about our health and the quest for happy and healthy longevity.

The Emsella Chair May Be Your Answer to Managing Urinary Incontinence

There is good news for those looking for options to manage incontinence. It is the recent availability of a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment known as the Emsella Chair. It works by delivering electromagnetic energy that triggers over 11,000 pelvic floor muscle contractions over the course of a 30-minute treatment. This is far more than you would be able to achieve doing Kegel exercises on your own.

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