I Experienced My First Eye Floater. Here’s What You Need To Know.

Recently, I saw a cobweb type circle in my right eye. I had never experienced this before, so I did what most people do when they have an unfamiliar ailment. I “Googled” it. “Dr. Google” (which, by the way, should never serve as your main healthcare provider) said that it was likely an eye floater, and when I went to my actual eye doctor and underwent an x-ray it was confirmed that I did indeed have an eye floater.

Why We Should All Care About Cataracts

June is National Cataract Awareness Month. What better time to be proactive about our precious eyesight?

Preventative Strategies for Cataracts Everyone Should Know

Imagine the difficulty of having to put contacts lenses in a baby’s eyes! Well, the parents of baby Micah Weathers had no choice but to be up for the challenge. When baby Micah was born, his mother noticed something in his eyes that “wasn’t quite right.” She saw small specs on his pupils. A medical professional then diagnosed Micah with cataracts in both eyes.

How to Preserve Your Precious Eyesight As You Get Older

If you’re like most women, you’re probably religious about getting your annual physical. You’re probably also very good about making sure to get a mammogram, colonoscopy or a dental exam on a regular basis. If you do, then my hat goes off to you for being so proactive about protecting your health.

When Blood Comes Out Of Your Eyes

Popular culture seems fascinated with the idea of bloody or bleeding eyes. Television programs about vampires, politicians rebutting uncomfortable questions from reporters and gothic mystery novels routinely create vivid images of people with torrents of blood flowing from their eyes. And while this may be a common dramatic device to make a point or enhance a story, is it really based in reality? Can and do our eyes really bleed?

Looked at the Total Eclipse Without Glasses? Here's the Total Problem With That

Yesterday’s eclipse was an incredible sight to see. But despite several warnings to not stare directly at the sun and take the proper precautions when viewing the eclipse, some people could not resist the temptation to just look without any protection.

Vitamin D and age-related macular degeneration

If seeing is believing, then you’re going to want to see what researchers found out about the link between vitamin D and your vision. After analyzing 11 studies, they found a link between lower levels of vitamin D and macular degeneration. Their findings were published in Maturitas, a European menopause journal.

See a bright future! Protect your eyes from sun damage

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun or tanning bed is notorious for skin damage. You often hear about the sun’s “harmful UV rays” and how sunscreen products can help you avert premature aging or even skin cancer. But did you know ultraviolet radiation can also damage your eyes?

Why print books are better for your health

E-readers like Kindles and Nooks are portable and can store thousands of books. Other than being dependent on electrical power, e-readers seemed ready to replace print books completely when they debuted in 1998. But recent research suggests that print still rules, health-wise.

I spy with my little eye: Clues about your health!

You are visiting a general doctor’s office. You are sitting down and having a brief chat with the doctor. Unexpectedly, your doctor asks if have a particular ailment such as heart, kidney, liver or thyroid disease. This takes you by surprise because you didn't realize the doctor was examining you yet. But perhaps the exam began at your first “hello.” Why? Because doctors can detect clues about your health just by looking at your eyes.

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