Think Twice About Trying a "Fish Pedicure" on Your Next Vacation

Allowing fish – and specifically the toothless garra rufa species (native to Turkey and other countries in the Middle East) – to exfoliate the skin for medical or cosmetic reasons is actually nothing new. For a while, it was actually a big celebrity beauty trend.

Why jet lag may be your favorite athlete’s worst enemy on the field, and maybe yours too!

Jet lag -- When you’re exhausted and cranky after flying across several time zones, and your body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm) gets all screwed up. Been there? Then you know what we mean! Being on the West Coast, we know what it’s like to fly east to visit family and find that we’re the only ones still wide awake at midnight. And then, of course, we fly back home only to find that our bodies want to wake up before the sun!

Be proactive for long flights

Excited for your upcoming vacation? While you may have thought about when you’re going, what you’re doing and who you’re seeing, have you thought about your health? Traveling can take its toll on your body – especially those longer flights. Middle-aged and older adults need to be more careful, as they may be more at risk for some of these problems. But with a little proactive planning, you can avoid some of the most common flying-induced, vacation-ruining health troubles.

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