Is The Pescatarian Diet Safe? 

Singer and actress Janelle Monáe is usually in the news for one of her hit songs or films, but recently the 34-year-old star is speaking up about her battle with mercury poisoning.

Don't Stress, but Eating Certain Fish May Be the Cause of Your Hypertension

Typically, hypertension is diagnosed by measuring your blood pressure. A doctor may take many blood pressure readings over time to determine whether you have hypertension. And if the readings fall within a certain range, you may be diagnosed as hypertensive and perhaps prescribed medications to treat the hypertension.

Don’t let your beauty regimen damage your skin: Watch out for this ingredient

Looking for beauty products to even out your skin tone and provide a more youthful complexion? Be sure to check the labels before you buy! The FDA warns that certain products that are marketed as skin-lighteners and anti-aging treatments actually contain the metal mercury. People with mercury levels above what the body can tolerate can experience fatigue, numbness, nerve damage, atherosclerosis, heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Why mercury is sinister

What is mercury? Other than being a silver liquid in dangerous old thermometers, mercury is a toxic metal occurring naturally in the earth. You may have heard phrases like “mercury toxicity,” making you wonder how mercury can hurt us. So, let’s find out what mercury does in our bodies.

Protect yourself against brain toxins

Almost everyone has heard the phrase “mad as a hatter,” but most people don’t know that it originated in 18th century England when hatters exposed to mercury salts literally went “mad” from the toxicity. Three centuries later, toxins in our homes and environment continue to be a threat to healthy brain function.

Know the facts on mercury to reduce your exposure

Many of us are old enough to remember mercury thermometers. The silvery liquid slid beguilingly up and down the thermometer, telling mom whether you were faking your sudden test-day illness or not. But mercury thermometers soon disappeared from existence — the incidents of broken glass and exposure to a toxic metal made their use too dangerous. However, mercury is still all around us and in our bodies, and it’s not a good thing.

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