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My pH Advocate for Stress-Free Patients

Health care isn’t overwhelming when you have a team of advocates.

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My pH Advocate gives proactive patients a much-need guide when facing challenging health issues such as a new diagnosis, conflicting medical opinions or poor outcomes from treatment.

Our advocates comprise a team of doctors and health care attorneys who can:

  • Offer a qualified second opinion from a medical doctor
  • Get your medical services paid for
  • Gather medical records and provide an in-depth review of your case
  • Provide guidance and coaching on what kinds of tests to request and how to get better treatment
  • Be your doctor visit companion to go to appointments with you

You can afford peace of mind, but you can’t afford a misdiagnosis.

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How it works:

We provide all the resources to make sure your health is the number one priority.

My pH Advocate evaluates the patient’s situation, diagnostic tests, medications and health insurance, and provides a qualified second opinion and recommendations, including tests that traditional medical offices won’t or don’t have the expertise to suggest, which may give the patient a better picture of his or her health.

My pH Advocate works with a dedicated team of doctors and health care attorneys to protect the health of the patient and to help the patient better understand his or her health state and treatment options. In addition, My pH Advocate can arrange for a personal advocate to accompany the patient to appointments or testing facilities, if desired.

Why it works:

Certain situations require more than one opinion. My pH Advocate provides the patient with education, one-on-one support and in-depth case analysis to promote increased understanding and better treatment outcomes, all while keeping you as stress-free as possible.

Questions? Give us a call, 855-745-2271, and breathe a sigh of relief. Your advocate is on the way.