By Joy Stephenson-Laws, J.D., Founder

6 Ways To Be Proactive About Coronavirus Protection At Work


If you’ve been listening to the news about the coronavirus, you’ve probably heard that people who work in Seattle’s tech mecca have been told to work from home.

Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are all encouraging employees in the Seattle area to work from home due to concerns about the novel coronavirus as the outbreak in Washington grows,” according to this CNNreport.

“Amazon (AMZN) revealed earlier this week that one of its Seattle-based employees has been diagnosed with the virus. On Wednesday, Facebook said a contractor who works at one of its offices in Seattle had tested positive.” 

These reports should not scare you. Instead they should make you more aware of the actions you need to take in order to protect yourself from all viruses, including the coronavirus. 

If you are otherwise healthy, don't be afraid to go to work.
Events such as these may make you afraid to go to work. But you have to continue living your life. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t take the necessary precautions or obey if you are told to work from home, however, there are still many of us that are working away from home in the office.

I recently blogged about how to be proactive and not panic about the coronavirus. And because so many of us are going to an office five days a week and interacting with coworkers, I think it’s important to discuss how we can be proactive specifically in an office setting.

Be proactive.
  • Feel sick? Stay home! 

I get it. Sometimes we just want to tough it out and get the job done, especially when you may not feel “that bad.” But I’m sure you’d feel very bad if you got one of your coworkers sick. If you have a fever or are experiencing respiratory symptoms (even if they are mild), just stay home.


This is a big one. Most offices have a communal water dispenser where you can fill up your reusable water bottle. When refilling your water bottle, avoid contact with the lip of the water bottle (where you put your mouth and drink) and the dispenser. So many people do this without even realizing it. This is a sure way to spread germs and possibly get multiple people sick. If we are not mindful of this, we may as well all be drinking out of the same water bottle!

  • Wipe it down.

There are reports out there that say your keyboard is dirtier than a toilet seat! I’m not trying to make you paranoid or gross you out, but think about what items in your office are constantly touched: keyboards, phones, desk surfaces, the table in the conference room and refrigerator handle in the office kitchen. Do your part by keeping disinfectant wipes handy and wiping things down. We can work together to help keep one another healthy.

  • Learn how to cough and sneeze the right way. 

This may sound silly but so many people cough or sneeze into their hands. This is one of the main ways germs are spread. I recommend keeping tissues or a handkerchief nearby that you can use to prevent spraying droplets. Another option is to sneeze or cough into the crook of your elbow. And if you do sneeze or cough into your hand, get up and wash your hands immediately.

  • Wash your hands, more than you feel necessary.

We don’t live in a germ free world, and we will never be able to avoid germs completely. However, we do know that now is a time to be especially mindful of our handwashing. Wash your hands before and after you eat. Do not lick your fingers, remove gum from your mouth with your bare hands or share drinks. When washing your hands, scrub them for at least 20 seconds. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides an extensive list on when to wash your hands.

  • Manage stress.

Constantly being in a state of stress can wreak havoc on your immune system by causing your body to produce too much cortisol (the stress hormone). And too much cortisol may cause excess inflammation in the body, and inflammation is believed to be the root cause of so many diseases and illnesses. Manage stress by working out, meditating, eating healthily and taking advantage of your company’s health perks (maybe your company offers free yoga classes or fresh fruit). Make sure to also get sufficient, good quality sleep. For sleep tips, including how eating certain nutrient-rich foods may help you get to sleep, read here.

Finally, consider taking advantage of IV vitamin drips or injections. This is a great way to boost your immunity and decrease your chances of catching a virus and other infections. 

I take advantage of these drips at the pH Drip Lab on a monthly basis to boost my immune system and address my inevitable nutrient absorption issues with vitamin C. At the pH Drip Lab, we offer all sorts of immune related “cocktails.” My go-to is the “Pick Me Up Buttercup,” which is an injection of 1,000 mg of vitamin C. I believe this has successfully boosted my immunity, energy and good health and kept my immune system strong for years.  

We can win this fight against the coronavirus. We just have to be proactive and focus on boosting our immune system while at the same time be cognizant of how our actions impact others -  especially when we are in communal places.


Enjoy your healthy life!


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