Easier Prep Means One Less Reason to Delay Your Colonoscopy

Colonic irrigation offers several benefits over the traditional oral laxative method of bowel prep for a colonoscopy.  In addition to producing cleansing results comparable to oral methods, it has fewer side effects and enjoys high levels of patient satisfaction.

To the Boomers Who Smoked in Their Younger Years, You Need to Know This About Lung Cancer Screening

You may be a Boomer who no longer smokes (and hasn’t for years), but you still may be eligible for lung cancer screening. Recently, the American Cancer Society (ACS) updated their screening guideline for lung cancer.

Yes, Young Women Too Can Get Breast Cancer.

Many young people are being diagnosed with breast cancer. Take, for example, a woman named Lindsey Parr Gritton. Thirty-six weeks pregnant with her second child and only in her late twenties, Gritton was at a doctor’s appointment. She complained of a lump in her breast that she said was burning, according to this article from People Magazine where Gritton was interviewed. She was later diagnosed with breast cancer.

Being Proactive About Your Health Can Mean Being Your Own Health Hero

It is possible to find yourself in a personal health crisis where you may have to be your own hero by being your own advocate and seeking multiple medical opinions. Check out this story about a stage 4 colon cancer survivor.

Don’t Hate Your Household Chores. They May Help Fight Cancer

As a kid, you probably didn’t like doing your chores. As an adult, you still most likely don’t enjoy them, however, what if I told you that doing these household tasks may be lowering your risk of developing several different types of cancer? I bet this will change your perspective!

It May Be Time to Wave Goodbye to Gel Manicures

Like many nail salon goers, I get gel manicures, which dry the nails with a UV lamp. These manicures are long-lasting and essentially have zero drying time, so they are really convenient and safe – so I thought.

Why You Might Want To Extend ‘Dry January’ To Every Month

After booze-soaked holidays and the desire to get back in shape and healthier at the top of a new year, many may feel inspired to temporarily go alcohol-free or at least significantly cut back. However, come February, they often find themselves back to their old drinking habits (a nightly glass of wine, a few cocktails at their weekly ‘Happy Hour,’ binge drinking on the weekends).

Kirstie Alley’s Colon Cancer Was Recently Discovered Before Her Death. Be Proactive With Home Screenings.

It seems like every month I learn about yet another person being diagnosed with or passing from colorectal cancer. This cancer, which is the third most common cancer diagnosed in the United States according to the American Cancer Society, is also affecting many younger people.

Young Woman Refused Colonoscopy For Several Months. Discovers She Has Colon Cancer and Lynch Syndrome

The following story is not only very sad but also, in my opinion, incredibly infuriating. A young, African-American woman named Ashley Teague started losing weight back in 2019. Teague was 28-years-old at the time. After finally having the colonoscopy, Teague discovered that she had a tumor in her colon the size of a baseball.

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Young Women Must Also Be Proactive

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Chances are that you know someone that has been affected by this cancer.

Study Finds Frequent Sex May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer. Here’s What You Need To Know

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in American men. To give you a bit more perspective, in 2124, “half of all men can count on developing prostate cancer.” By being proactive about men's health, we will be able to lower cancer rates and lessen the likelihood of other chronic and serious illnesses.

Recent Devastating Diagnosis Of Colorectal Cancer Reinforces Why We Must Be Proactive

It seems like every month I discover yet another heartbreaking story about colorectal cancer. Recently in northern England, a 35-year-old father named Dean Whelan was diagnosed with colorectal cancer on his daughter’s first birthday. He did not experience any symptoms until about two months prior to receiving the diagnosis.

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