Why You Should Take This Information About Energy Drinks to Heart...Literally!

Lately it seems as though I’ve been talking a lot about heart attacks and other cardiac issues. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty prominent subject these days. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both American men and women, and it’s not just older people who battle this sometimes ‘silent killer.’

Not To Be a Buzzkill, But Your Energy Drink Has Some Stuff In It That’s Ruining Your Health

According to a CNN report, the global energy drink market is expected to reach $61 billion by 2021. Energy drinks, like Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar, are popular because they are supposed to do exactly what their name suggests - give you energy! With non-stop schedules and 24/7 digital access, it’s no wonder why many may reach for an energy drink when a regular cup of coffee doesn’t seem to do the trick.

How do energy drinks affect your health?

Athletes and office workers alike credit energy drinks for keeping fatigue at bay. With a fast-paced work environment or hectic home schedule, these drinks put gas in the tank when you’re running on E. But every now and then, you hear news stories of energy drink-induced heart palpitations and irregularities, visits to the ER and hospital admissions, making you question whether they are even safe. So let’s be proactive and learn more about how energy drinks affect your health.

Go nuts for coconut water this summer

Everyone’s going nuts for coconut water! This specialty drink has only gained mass recognition in the last few years, but its healthful effects have been around forever.

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