Having Surgery? Consider Swapping Marijuana for Acupuncture to Manage the Pain

Research continues to suggest that medical marijuana and CBD are effective in treating chronic pain as well as a variety of other conditions. These include sleep disorders, anxiety, chemotherapy-induced nausea and even seizure disorders. But recent studies suggest that cannabis may actually have the exact opposite effect when it comes to surgical and other acute pain.

Having Surgery? Here’s Why You Should Train For It

As kids, we were “potty trained” and had training wheels put on our bikes. Now, we may train at the gym or undergo training for a new job. Some expectant mothers train for birth by taking a Lamaze class. We do all of this in order to prepare and achieve the best outcome possible.

Nutritional deficiencies after gastric bypass surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is about more than just losing weight. In some cases, especially for people who are morbidly obese, it can save their lives. Rosie O’Donnell is a perfect example. She says she tried so many different diets to lose weight and was hesitant about going the surgical route. But ultimately, it was a heart attack that nearly killed her and prompted her to undergo gastric bypass surgery. But like any treatment, there can be side effects.

Recovery after surgery: Help make it a success

Many people think that the hardest part about surgery is the operation itself. However, what happens after the operation (post-operative health) is just as important in evaluating whether your operation is considered a “success” or not.

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