Why the Health of Baby Teeth is Important and How Leafy Greens May Help

I worry about my two-year-old son’s dental health constantly. Getting him to brush his teeth is like wrestling a baby alligator! A lot of people tell me not to worry too much about his oral hygiene because he’s going to lose his baby teeth eventually, but what they don’t know is that the health of baby teeth is extremely important.

9 Kitchen Safety Tips for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be one of the most dangerous – particularly in the kitchen. With all the home cooking going on for the holidays, accidents and injuries such as burns and cuts are more common.

Celebrate National Youth Sports Week

It’s National Youth Sports Week, and playing sports has the potential to have a very positive impact on children not only physically but also mentally. A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Queensland found evidence which exhibited that children who participate in sports are more likely to have better long term mental health, according to a report from News Medical that discusses the study.

Despite Having One of the Best Smiles in Sports, A-Rod Shares He Has Gum Disease

Former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, is usually in the news for his love life. Recently, however, Rodriguez made news for something that is not so sexy - gum disease.

Combat Screen Time With Outside Time

All of us parents have been in those moments of frustration when our child is having a meltdown and we put them in front of a screen to pacify them. Whatever the case may be, give yourself some grace but also do your best to get your child outside.

Yes, Halloween Can Be Fun & Healthy

It’s that time of year again for witches, goblins, pumpkin spice and trick-or-treat. It’s also the time of year candy and confectionery companies try to outdo each other with their own versions of a sugar bomb to tempt our kids and frustrate our efforts to keep them on a healthy diet.

Having a Baby? Why The First 1,000 Days of Nutrition Are Key

Babies don’t know what cake or soda is anyway, so why give it to them? Perhaps it’s time we all rethink the one-year-old celebration smash cake. 

Be Proactive About Heat-Related Illness This Summer

In very tragic news, it was recently discovered that former NFL running back Marion Barber III died of heat stroke. He was just 38-years-old. On June 1, he was reportedly found dead in his apartment in Dallas. The death appears to be accidental and that he was working out in “sauna-like” conditions.

10 Ways To Be Proactive and Have a Healthier 4th of July

The good news is that there are simple steps we can take to be proactive and have a healthy but still fun 4th of July holiday and summer. Remember, “detox to retox” is no way to treat your beautiful mind and body. And as always, prevention is better than cure.

Urea Cycle Disorder Takes The Life Of a Young Football Star. How Can We Be Proactive?

You just never know what people are battling healthwise and how quickly tragedy can occur. Recently, the father of a high school football star shared the real reason why his son passed at just 18-years-old. The cause of death was due to complications from urea cycle disorder, a rare genetic condition which can cause toxic levels of blood ammonia.

It’s Tick Season. Be Proactive About Heartland Virus

We are approaching peak tick season (May through August). You most likely already know that lyme disease comes from a tick bite, but you may not know that ticks are also associated with a potentially deadly virus.

Think Your Toddler is Too Young To Play Organized Sports? This May Change Your Mind

My son Kyle, a millennial, shared his story about growing up. He suggested that if he had participated in organized sports during his adolescence, he may have gotten into less trouble and had more confidence as a young adult. But as a mom, my focus was on keeping him healthy and active and  while I emphasized sports in general, frankly I did not focus much on the need to get him involved in organized sports.

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