Young Man Suffers Cardiac Arrest After Intense Workout. We Must Be Proactive

It’s Men’s Health Month, so it’s a great time to encourage the men in your life to take care of their bodies by eating right and participating in relevant physical activity. It is important to remember, however, that too much of a good thing can be bad. I recently came across a story about a young man that reminded me of this.

Why You Should Really Root For Your Child to Play Sports

My son Kyle, a millennial, shared his story about growing up and how if he had played more organized sports during his adolescence, he may have gotten into less trouble and had more confidence.

Brooks Koepka Reveals He’s Never Had a Hot Drink. Is This a Good Thing?

For many people, savoring a hot cup of coffee in the morning or curling up with a hot, soothing cup of tea at night is one of life’s greatest, simplest pleasures.

LeBron James May Heat Up the Courts, But When He Recovers He Chills Out. Seriously!

Some people say professional sports are a “young man’s game.” And there are reports which say that the average professional athlete’s career is over by age 33. LeBron James is 34. So in the world of basketball he’s no spring chicken! And one way LeBron maintains his competitive edge and accelerates muscle recovery is through the regular use of whole-body cryotherapy (also called WBC).

Ryan Lochte Banned From Competing for Using Vitamin IV Therapy

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte recently received a suspension that will put him on the sidelines until July of 2019.

We Got the 411 on How To Fuel Your Body for Physical Fitness

The beauty of sports and physical fitness is that there is usually something for everyone, whether its swimming, tennis, running, yoga, pilates - the list goes on. I hike regularly, but golf is my favorite way to get some exercise.

Olympic Gold Medalist Ed Moses Shares What It Takes to Win the Gold

Every two years, we are graced with the world's best athletes competing and battling it out for athletic supremacy and national pride. The athletes who performed in the Winter Olympics, which ended a few days ago, were no different.

Why jet lag may be your favorite athlete’s worst enemy on the field, and maybe yours too!

Jet lag -- When you’re exhausted and cranky after flying across several time zones, and your body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm) gets all screwed up. Been there? Then you know what we mean! Being on the West Coast, we know what it’s like to fly east to visit family and find that we’re the only ones still wide awake at midnight. And then, of course, we fly back home only to find that our bodies want to wake up before the sun!

The benefits of cupping therapy: Is it worth the crazy circles on your back?

Remember seeing those reddish cupping marks on top athletes like Michael Phelps during the 2016 Summer Olympics? Many people were unfamiliar with this practice, and wondered what it was all about. What exactly is cupping? What is it used for? Does it work? If you’ve been curious about cupping, read on. We’ll give you the full scoop.

Your guide to understanding TBIs (traumatic brain injuries) to get you through the fall sports season

School is back in full swing, complete with daily bus rides, homework and afterschool sports! For many student-athletes and their families, it’s a busy season. But don’t let safety discussions get lost amidst the day-to-day hustle and bustle. Sports season is prime season for discussing traumatic brain injury recognition, brain injury recovery, and of course, prevention.

How do energy drinks affect your health?

Athletes and office workers alike credit energy drinks for keeping fatigue at bay. With a fast-paced work environment or hectic home schedule, these drinks put gas in the tank when you’re running on E. But every now and then, you hear news stories of energy drink-induced heart palpitations and irregularities, visits to the ER and hospital admissions, making you question whether they are even safe. So let’s be proactive and learn more about how energy drinks affect your health.

Concussion playbook: Fuel up on nutrition for healing and recovery

Will Smith recently starred in Concussion, a biographical movie about a doctor who studied and raised awareness about football-related head trauma. While performing an autopsy on a retired pro football player, Dr. Bennet Omalu, played by Smith, discovered neurological deterioration similar to Alzheimer’s – red flag. He called the condition chronic traumatic encephalopathy and published a paper in a medical journal about it. But as he saw more football players receiving the diagnosis, he had to speak up.

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