Let’s Change the Narrative About Menopause by Being Proactive!

Menopause is not usually a fun topic for many women. And menopausal weight gain? Even worse! I want to, however, flip the script and celebrate menopause.

Let’s Celebrate Women’s History Month By Getting Stronger

March is Women’s History Month. This celebration of powerful and resilient females always makes me think of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But recently, I came across an article about a 103-year-old woman who goes to the gym three to four times a week! Teresa Moore of Camarillo, California says that the gym is her “happy place.” And it all just goes to show us that we are never too old to be strong.

Depression in Menopause is Common, But You Can Be Proactive

With menopause, which marks the end of fertility for women, I think that along with hot flashes, women may expect other common side effects such as weight gain, sleep disturbances and hair loss. Depression, although common, may come as a shock.

How To Be Proactive About ‘Menopause Muffin Top’ & Metabolic Syndrome

Menopause may come with some less than desirable (to say the least) side effects. And some of these side effects can present a very serious threat to a woman’s health.

Menopause is Inevitable, But Having Sex May Delay It

A recent study found evidence which suggested that women who have less sex have a higher risk of going into menopause earlier. According to one report discussing the study, “Sexual activity includes sexual intercourse, oral sex, sexual touching and caressing or self-stimulation.”

Get Through Menopause with Grace & Wetness

Menopause and vaginal dryness. Not exactly a topic of discussion women want to openly discuss. But “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actress Cheryl Hines, 53, is having the discussion no matter how painful or awkward it may be.

Minerals and Hormonal Balance: Meet Joy Stephenson-Laws

Meet Joy Stephenson-Laws, a Salonpas® Wellness Warrior, who refused to sit idle and accept the fate of many women like herself who were over 40 and impacted by menopausal issues. Instead, she questioned and researched and found alternative answers.

The Strange Link Between Hot Flashes & Diabetes

Menopause is inevitable for every female. It marks the end of fertility for women.

What To Do When Midlife Weight Gain Kicks In

With aging comes various challenges to our health, like weight gain during midlife (age 40 - 60).

Don’t Lose Your Hair AND Your Mind During Menopause

Hair. You are born with very little, and when you get older, you start to lose it!

Exercise found to be a natural treatment for menopause hot flashes in women

Women going through menopause often bemoan the infamous hot flashes, also sometimes referred to as hot flushes, that accompany this time of transition. Hot flashes are described as a sudden feeling of heat spreading through the body, most often concentrated on the face, neck and chest. Blood rushes to the skin, sometimes causing a flushed appearance thanks to dilating blood vessels. This is accompanied by sweating and reduced brain blood flow, too.

Why won’t my doctor provide hormone replacement therapy for menopause?

Middle aged-women often experience hot flashes, trouble sleeping and hormone changes as they go through the process of menopause. Their quality of life is affected, so they look for solutions, scouring the Internet to learn about their dropping estrogen and progesterone levels. Interested in hormone replacement therapy, they schedule appointments with their doctors. But ever since the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) in 2002, which found the risks outweighed the benefits, many doctors now shy away from hormone replacement therapy.

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