There May Be a Link Between Opioids & Pancreatic Cancer. Be Proactive

I write a lot about cancer prevention and how adopting healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating a nutrient-dense diet and exercising regularly, may assist with this. I will revisit this with you as it pertains to pancreatic cancer, but after hearing about the death of Siegfried Fischbacher, I wanted to do some investigating to see if there is something new and perhaps widely unheard of about this type of cancer.

Let’s Be Proactive About Fighting Pancreatic Cancer!

Civil rights leader and U.S. Democratic Representative John Lewis died of stage 4 pancreatic cancer this past July. (Unfortunately, stage 4 means that the cancer has spread). “Lewis, 79, said he was diagnosed following a routine medical visit with subsequent tests that reconfirmed the diagnosis. The long-time Georgia congressman will undergo treatment for the cancer,” according to this CNN report (when Lewis was still alive).

Pancreatic Cancer Has No Respect! Took Aretha Franklin at 76

Whether you are a millennial, gen x or baby boomer, you have most likely been moved by Aretha Franklin’s music at some point in your life. She was the “Queen of Soul,” with a singing career that spanned more than five decades.

Love Selfies? New App May Help You Detect Pancreatic Cancer

Sometimes it seems like we practically live on our phones: talking, texting, emailing, tracking, snapping selfies. And I’m a fan of fitness and other health apps that help me be proactive about eating right and exercising. But I never thought taking a selfie might save my life.

Pancreatic cancer symptoms: 16 things to look out for

Pancreatic cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States, having claimed the lives of thousands of people every year, including some notable public figures such as Steve Jobs and Patrick Swayze.

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