What You Need to Know About the Postpartum Depression Pill

Postpartum depression affects one in seven mothers. In addition to this, some reports say that more than 30 percent of new mothers with postpartum depression and anxiety already have a mental health issue such as depression before even getting pregnant.

Pulling it Together. One Way to Cope With Postpartum Depression

Mothers with postpartum depression experience feelings of extreme sadness, anxiety and exhaustion. Sadly, this makes it extremely difficult for new mothers to accomplish daily tasks for themselves or for others.

Can Breastfeeding Lower Your Chances of Postpartum Depression?

Australian Senator Larissa Waters recently caught the world’s attention by doing something many new mothers do. She breastfed her newborn baby girl. Waters and her 11 and a half week old daughter made history by being the first mother and child to engage in breastfeeding in Australia's federal Parliament.

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