Exercising While Pregnant May Help Secure A Healthier Future For Your Child



By Joy Stephenson-Laws, J.D., Founder 


Pregnancy can be a tough journey - nausea, food aversions, back pain, extreme fatigue, episodes of dizziness and mood changes can all be part of this miracle of creating life. If you are pregnant and experiencing some (or all) of these uncomfortable symptoms, exercise is probably not at the top of your list for activities to partake in. You likely just want to be in bed! I get it, and I have been there!

Prenatal exercise, however, has many potential benefits not only to you but also your unborn baby. If you are pregnant, exercise may:

And when it comes to your child, the benefits of prenatal exercise may be invaluable. For example, new research found evidence suggesting that exercising during pregnancy may help the unborn baby have a lower risk of developing serious health issues, such as diabetes and other metabolic issues, later in life. 

Help secure a healthy future for your baby.

A study in lab mice has found that maternal exercise during pregnancy prevented the transmission of metabolic diseases from an obese parent—either mother or father—to child,” according to one Medical Xpress report discussing the new research.

This is a big deal. This new research suggests that a pregnant woman may be able to have a healthier baby if she exercises even if she and her partner are both overweight or have metabolic issues.

“This means that one day soon, a woman's first trip to the doctor after conceiving might include a prescription for an exercise program.”

As always, it is very important for a pregnant woman to speak with her doctor about what exercises are appropriate and safe. Every person is different, and every pregnancy is different. Generally speaking some great prenatal exercises include walking, yoga, swimming, pilates and light weight training. But, again, it is imperative to speak with your doctor first.

But what if I am experiencing those unpleasant pregnancy symptoms?

This can definitely be a struggle, especially if you are experiencing constant nausea and vomiting. Fortunately, symptoms often subside after the first trimester. If you are pregnant and tend to feel better doing a certain part of the day, try optimizing that time (even if it is just for 15 or 20 min). And sometimes getting some fresh air can help with nausea.

Fuel Properly.

Nutrition is so important during pregnancy to grow a healthy baby. In addition to this, fueling your body pre and post workout is very necessary (especially when pregnant). Talk to a competent healthcare professional about a meal plan and taking a prenatal. 

I would also highly suggest taking routine comprehensive nutrient tests in order to definitively determine any nutrient imbalances or deficiencies. If the test reveals you are not nutritionally balanced, a competent healthcare professional can work with you on making the necessary dietary changes and recommend quality supplements if necessary. It is not advised to take supplements without medical advice when pregnant.

For more information on fertility and how you can have a healthy pregnancy or get advice on maximizing fertility, check out these pH Labs blogs.


Enjoy your healthy life!


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice. Please consult with your doctor or another competent healthcare practitioner to get specific medical advice for your situation.              


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