Know What Nutrients Our Prescription Drugs Deplete From Our Bodies To Reduce Side Effects

Prescription Drugs

By: Joy Stephenson-Laws, Founder

At some point in our lives, we will find it necessary to take prescription drugs. They are necessary for our healthy lives too. And when we do, we have to be aware of the necessary nutrients they deplete from our bodies so we can work with a competent healthcare provider to replace them. We can replace those nutrients through diet, quality supplements or intravenously where appropriate.

Below is a list of drugs and the corresponding nutrients that they deplete from our bodies. This list was made possible by Designs for Health.

Designs for Health is a professional brand, offered exclusively to healthcare professionals and their patients through referral. By providing comprehensive support through their extensive line of nutritional products, research and education division and their practice development services, they are able to maximize the potential for successful clinical health outcomes.  

Proactive Health Labs is pleased to make the products from Designs For Health available to the public and our subscribers can now obtain these products at a discount through the link on our site here.

*Problems with the digestion of proteins with use of these drugs have not been documented by scientific studies. However, it is well known that stomach acid is required for proper protein digestion. Therefore, drugs that either neutralize stomach acid or suppress the production of stomach acid are likely to have a negative effect on protein digestion. The passing of undigested protein from the stomach into the small intestine may also contribute to health problems such as leaky gut syndrome.

For more detailed information, we recommend the Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook by Ross Pelton.


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