What is homeopathy?

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By pH health care professionals

Proactive Health Labs doctors sometimes get asked if they are homeopathic doctors. Homeopathy and allopathic or “Western” medicine are actually quite different, and the doctors at pH fall under the allopathic umbrella. Homeopathy, which was invented by a German physician in the 1800s, suggests that if you give someone a tiny amount of a plant that causes symptoms similar to the illness they have, their body will be able to rid itself of the illness. The plants are taken in small doses, diluted in 99 percent water.

Medical doctors would generally agree that homeopathic principles contrast with known scientific principles, and that homeopathy has not been shown to cure diseases (most of a bottle of homeopathic medicine consists of water). Pursuing unscientific cures and delaying treatment for a disease can be dangerous. When diseases are allowed to progress, patients often are more likely to end up in the hospital or need other kinds of high-level, expensive care. The journal PLoS One reported on a study that showed homeopathy can increase medical costs as well.

While Proactive Health Labs doctors could legally engage in the practice of homeopathy, we choose not to, due to the lack of scientific evidence. The pH doctors are skilled in evidence-based integrative medicine, which focuses on research-tested approaches to wellness, nutrition, lifestyle, and dietary supplementation.  When appropriate, we recommend further evaluation by allied health care professionals in cases for which that treatment has been shown to help.

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