Probiotics vs. Prebiotics: What’s the difference?

You may have heard about health benefits of probiotics, which have been rising in popularity in recent years. These “good” bacteria may help with constipation, diarrhea, anxiety, depression and more. But you may not be familiar with prebiotics. They are not the same thing.

5 healthy reasons you may want to choose gelato over ice cream

Gelato recently went viral after i-Creamy, a gelato store in Sydney, Australia, posted the most gorgeous photos of their flower-shaped gelato on Instagram. However, though beautiful, it’s the health benefits we’re most excited about.

Hot topic: Why my spicy food passion may be the secret sauce for good health!

I’m wondering if this Inferno Pizza Challenge will steal my last breath here on earth. An entire pizza, eight total slices, 12” in diameter, with jalapeños, habaneros and ghost peppers laced throughout, sits in front of me.

Worried about when to introduce your baby to peanuts? New guidelines say earlier may be better!

You’ll never guess what we recently learned about peanuts! In a study where children and adults with a peanut allergy wore a patch exposing them to peanut protein, they actually increased their tolerance to the nut over time (read here!). The new study suggests recommendations for exposing babies to peanuts early on to stop allergies before they even begin.

How to give up sugar and still feel good

Love your sweets and just can’t get enough? Then you’ve probably been warned about the risks of too much sugar plenty of times (obesity, diabetes and heart disease, to name a few). But have you ever thought about the way your sugar habit affects your mood?

Superfood chayote: Why this staple in Jamaica should be a staple on your table

Chayote is a fast-growing, sun-loving, nutritious vegetable that, left untethered, can completely take over a garden, fence or tree in your yard. In fact, that’s what happened to me. I recently found vines of chayotes sprawling across several of my trees! I totally forgot that I had bought one from Whole Foods a few years ago and planted it in my yard. I was able to pick three mature chayotes from the tree to eat -- a little taste of home.

Is guava a superfruit? The health benefits may have you searching high and low for it

Guava is a tropical fruit with light green or yellow skin, and a tasty inside that ranges in color from white or yellow to its infamous bright coral pink. If you’re wondering what guava tastes like, it’s been described as a mix of pear and strawberry – but nothing quite compares to trying this fruit for yourself! If its vibrant color and unique taste don’t have you convinced, then read on to learn a little bit more about the many health benefits of guava.

World Health Organization gets proactive to fight diabetes and obesity

Do you love soda? Nearing possible addiction? This is nothing to be ashamed of, and the World Health Organization feels your pain and wants to help. Sugar-sweetened beverages are a significant contributor to the worldwide rise in obesity and diabetes, WHO said. In fact, obesity has at least doubled since 2014, and diabetes has risen to nearly 10 percent of the worldwide population.

How vitamin B12 can help prevent memory loss as you age

Did you know vitamin B12 is critical for brain function? When you don’t have enough of this essential vitamin -- found in foods such as beef, fish and dairy products -- you may start to experience mental decline, such as memory issues or depression.

What type of salt should you be sprinkling?

All salt is not created equal — though yes, it’s all of the earth! According to the Culinary Institute of America, all types of salt are 40 percent sodium (Na) and 60 percent chloride (Cl). Table salt comes in the form of granular cubes, and most of the table salt you buy in the U.S. is iodized to prevent goiters (enlargement of the thyroid). There were a lot of goiters in America before scientists figured out what to do.

Is that dairy habit helping or harming your heart health?

Vegetable fats are better than dairy fats, and dairy fats are better than meat fats, a recent Harvard study suggests. What prompted the study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, was the ongoing debate between the role of dairy fat and risk for cardiovascular diseases (like heart disease and stroke).

Portions vs. servings: What’s the difference?

Trying to eat right can be difficult! You try to “watch your portions” and make healthy choices. But sometimes enjoying one portion of something actually includes several servings. That’s because a portion and a serving are not the same thing.

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