What Makes Some Vitamins More Dangerous than Others

As a young adult, I used to get obsessed with whether I was eating well and taking an appropriate amount of supplements. The problem was I rarely concerned myself with whether I was taking too much of certain vitamins and minerals. I now know there may be health consequences to getting more than the recommended daily amount (RDA) of any of the six nutrients, which include minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and water. I discussed the problems associated with over-consuming minerals in “Minerals: The Forgotten Nutrient.”

5 Reasons You Should Dance to This Beet

I think beets are underrated and deserve more credit. They are root vegetables harvested all through summer and late fall. Don’t throw away the leaves! You can throw them in a salad or smoothie to mix up your greens. Beets are delicious, nutritious and store very well. You can actually keep them for months! Just remember when you have eaten them, so you don’t think you have blood in your stool the next day, as they may give your stool (and urine) a reddish color.

From Regulating Blood Pressure to Healthy Skin, Why You Need Cherries in Your Life

Cherries. They are probably one of the cutest, smallest fruits out there, but they pack an incredible amount of nutritional power. There are roughly 1,000 types of cherries grown worldwide, and about 10 types are grown commercially in the United States.

Jackfruit: The 100 Pound Fruit That’s Worth The Heavy Lifting

I recently saw jackfruit in a grocery store in San Diego. It is a very unique fruit, which I ate as a child growing up in Jamaica. The fruit is so huge, I suspected it might be packed with a bunch of nutrients. It is possible many of you have never tried or maybe never even heard of jackfruit, so I decided to do some research to figure out what benefits this most unusual fruit contains.

7 Really Good Reasons To Eat Cherimoyas

You probably know by now I have a green thumb and a love for exotic fruits. I recently shared with you I added loquats and kumquats to my garden, and now there is another fruit in season on my radar. This fruit is the cherimoya, and Mark Twain called it “the most delicious fruit known to man.”

Lady Gaga Swears by a Gluten Free Diet. But Should You?

You may have noticed almost all supermarkets have gluten-free sections now. Why? Because being gluten-free continues to be very popular (even though these items are often more expensive!).

For Those of You Who Fear Broken Bones, Don’t Forget the Magnesium

Over the past few years, I’ve learned so much about minerals and how critical they are in order to live your healthiest and happiest life. Copper, chromium, phosphorus and molybdenum are examples of important minerals we need, but I think at times we get intimidated by their names and possible associations. Pennies, for example, used to be mainly made of copper, and today they are made of zinc, another necessary mineral!

For the Love of Loquats: A Fruit You May Have to Grow but Well Worth it

I’m an avid gardener and always interested in adding different fruit trees to my existing collection. I recently discovered and planted kumquats in my garden. Growing a variety of nutritious fruits that I can snack on, throw in a smoothie or make a simple fruit salad with is one of my special ways of being proactive about my diet and health.

Soda May be More Taxing Than You Think

Sometimes it’s so hard to stick to our health and fitness goals, we have to get motivation through financial incentives. For example, there are multiple fitness apps out there, such as PACT, which provide users who eat healthy and go to the gym a chance to reap cash rewards from other users who do not practice these healthy habits.

You Don’t Need Diet Tips, You Need to Stop Eating These Deadly Foods

Recently, a group of researchers evaluated the diets of Americans and how it impacted their health. The results were intriguing. In 2012, nearly half (45.4%) of all deaths from cardiometabolic diseases (CMDs), which includes diabetes, stroke and heart disease were linked to poor diets!

When Minerals Go Low, Diseases Go High!

Research has shown some of your foods may be losing mineral value, possibly increasing the risk of developing certain illnesses including heart disease. In other words, when minerals go low diseases go high.

Pregnant or Not, You Need Folate!

There are so many nutrients our bodies need to function at its best, and for us to feel our best. The amount of nutrients we need may depend on our age, sex, lifestyle and genetics. For example, some of us may need more vitamin C than the recommended daily allowance (RDA) because of a defective gene.

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