Don’t Let Coronavirus Control Your Dietary Habits. Here’s How To Grocery Shop

I am sure you have noticed the sense of panic if you have been to your local grocery store recently. All the cleaning supplies, hand sanitizers and toilet paper are pretty much gone. I have also noticed that in the stores I have visited during the past couple of days, the fresh produce section was still relatively stocked and pretty much anything processed and packaged was almost gone.

Vitamin D’s Potential Powers To Help Fight Coronavirus and All Respiratory Infections

Everyone is fearful about the coronavirus and rightfully so. It is a respiratory disease that can spread from person to person. However, respiratory disease in general has been a threat to global health for quite some time.“Acute respiratory infections are a major cause of global morbidity and mortality,” according to one source.

6 Ways To Be Proactive About Coronavirus Protection At Work

If you’ve been listening to the news about the coronavirus, you’ve probably heard that people who work in Seattle’s tech mecca had been told to work from home. These reports should not scare you. Instead they should make you more aware of the actions you need to take in order to protect yourself from all viruses, including the coronavirus. 

Don’t Panic. You Can Be Proactive About The Coronavirus

If you have been to any airport recently, I bet you’ve seen many people wearing face masks. I also bet you know the reason behind this now popular airport attire. It is the coronavirus! This virus is quite the talk of the town and maybe has many people scared. I am not scared and you shouldn't be either. Instead, be proactive and educate yourself about how to withstand this virus as well as others.

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