Here’s What You Need to Know About Ozempic

It is an injectable prescription medicine that is a semaglutide (which essentially decreases blood sugar). Ozempic is just a common brand name for this drug.

Flaxseeds Are Not Nature’s Botox. Here’s How You Can Be Proactive About Maintaining Youthful Skin

There’s a viral skin care trend going around TikTok lately. Flaxseeds! People have been making a DIY flaxseed gel mask and calling it “nature’s Botox.” Learn about more credible ways to improve your skin such as red light therapy, Emface and nutrition.

Don’t Let the Great Outdoors Give You Lyme Disease This Summer

We are in the heart of tick season (which is April to September). If you are a golfer, you know how addicting the game is, however, you also need to be especially proactive about preventing lyme disease.

It’s National Nutrition Month. Let’s Talk About the Popular Carnivore Diet

March is National Nutrition Month, and it is perhaps a good time to reflect on how our daily diet choices impact our health.

How to Be Proactive About Your Brain Health with an EEG

Obviously, we want to take exceptional care of our brains. The best way to do this is to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, but we may be missing a critical tool - effective use of EEGs.

Let’s Talk About Farts!

Farting is something we don’t talk about enough. And it is, afterall, a normal function of the human body. Understanding our body and all its many functions is a great way to be proactive about our health and the quest for happy and healthy longevity.

I’ve Used Tampons for More Than 20 Years and Never Worried About Chemicals Until Now

Let’s talk about the safety of tampons and other menstrual products. I know. This is not normally my preferred topic of discussion either, but if you are a menstruating woman and/or have a daughter or woman in your life who you love or care about who gets a period, then this is an important blog for you to read.

Is Fat Acceptance Making Americans Complacent About Unhealthy Eating?

This blog was not an easy one to write, because the fat acceptance movement is a highly sensitive, complex and controversial topic. If you support fat acceptance, some might say you support obesity and being unhealthy. If you are against it, some might call you fatphobic or a body shamer. If you are somewhere in the middle (and so many people are), how do you decipher how much fat is acceptable especially when there is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight?

To the Boomers Who Smoked in Their Younger Years, You Need to Know This About Lung Cancer Screening

You may be a Boomer who no longer smokes (and hasn’t for years), but you still may be eligible for lung cancer screening. Recently, the American Cancer Society (ACS) updated their screening guideline for lung cancer.

Why I Wish I Had Known This About Nutrition & Lactating Mothers

Before getting pregnant, I heard so much about how I should eat healthily before conception. What I didn’t hear much about was the importance of nutrition in postpartum and lactating mothers. In fact, during my postpartum check-ins with my doctor, he never asked me what I was eating or how my appetite was.

You Need to Know About “Fried Rice Syndrome.”

Back in 2019, I published a blog about a 20-year-old college student who died after eating leftover pasta that had been left out at room temperature for five days. Here we are, a few years later, and this same story recently went viral on TikTok. When I shared this story in 2019, I didn’t know at the time that there is actually a name for the condition that caused this young man to pass - “Fried Rice Syndrome.”

Celebrate National Youth Sports Week

It’s National Youth Sports Week, and playing sports has the potential to have a very positive impact on children not only physically but also mentally. A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Queensland found evidence which exhibited that children who participate in sports are more likely to have better long term mental health, according to a report from News Medical that discusses the study.

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