Proactive employers can lower health care costs, boost productivity

Workplace Wellness

By pH health care professionals

Americans are more likely to be overweight than not!

That sobering conclusion from the latest analysis of the NHANES study, which stands for National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, has major implications for our nation’s health. Employers should pay attention, as rising insured employee health care costs can put a squeeze on businesses financially.

So, what are some ways that employers can help employees be healthier at work?

  • Encourage workers to bring food from home. A simple refrigerator, microwave and sink gives employees a place to store and reheat homemade food, which is almost always healthier than prepared or restaurant food.
  • Hold walking meetings and encourage standing desks. Unless they are driving buses or cars, there is no reason for employees to be sitting for long stretches.
  • Discourage hurried eating at desks. Encourage employees to go outside and take a real break. They’ll get some healthful walking in, burning a few calories, and relieve the weight-promoting stress that can be toxic in the workplace.
  • Switch to more nutritious break room treats. You’re doing your employees a disservice with every box of cheap calories in the form of donuts. Instead, offer perks like a free on-site yoga class once a month, fruit bowls in the break room, or vegetable platters for snacking (opt for hummus instead or ranch for dipping).
  • Eliminate unhealthy vending machines. Soda, chips and candy only serve to cause sugar and caffeine slumps.

Every business owner should strive to provide a health-focused workplace. Healthier workers are happier and more productive.

Enjoy Your Healthy Life!

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