Work Hard But Not at the Expense of Your Health

Some of the most dangerous occupations in America include construction laborer, firefighter, electrician, mining machine operator and athlete. And this all makes sense if you consider the risk of injuries associated with these occupations.

Is Your Office Too Sweet?

A Silicon Valley startup was criticized for being “too healthy.” The startup, Health IQ, is a life insurance brokerage company that offers low rate insurance for people who are health conscious.

Increase Workplace Wellness to Decrease Workplace Violence

The recent killing in Orlando of five people by a disgruntled former employee is a tragic reminder that workplace violence remains a real and increasing threat to America’s workforce. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately two million workers are victims of workplace violence every year, and this number is increasing. Even more alarming is that homicide is the fourth-leading cause of workplace deaths. In addition to the unnecessary tragedies of people losing their family members and loved ones, estimates put the total economic cost of workplace violence at more than $55 billion.

Do you sweat excessively even if you aren’t doing anything exhausting? Here’s the blog you’ve been waiting for

Do you constantly have to wipe your forehead? Do you always pack an extra shirt for work, just in case you sweat through? Do you find that you’re sweaty even when you’re not hot, nervous or exercising? If so, you may actually have a treatable medical condition called hyperhidrosis.

Why those with busy brains may be at risk for weight gain and how to stop it

Feel like you are always hungry? Science may finally have an answer. Turns out, a busy brain can lead to feelings of hunger, which can lead to weight gain if you don’t realize what’s going on. Think back to your college years. Those late night papers and study cram sessions likely helped you gain your requisite freshman 15.

Standing at work, a proactive step you can take against Type 2 diabetes

Sitting is bad, and standing is good. That’s been the message of 2015 -- that even if you go for a run after work, the amount of time you sat helped to increase your risk for diabetes and death. Yikes. But a lot of jobs involve necessary sitting, and not all employers are health-minded enough to spring for standing desks. Nevertheless, desk workers have some hope. An article published in Diabetes Care shows that the bad effects of sitting can be alleviated by standing and walking intermittently.

Proactive employers can lower health care costs, boost productivity

Americans are more likely to be overweight than not! That sobering conclusion from the latest analysis of the NHANES study, which stands for National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, has major implications for our nation’s health. Employers should pay attention, as rising insured employee health care costs can put a squeeze on businesses financially.

‘Stand up’ for your life!

If your co-workers are asking for standing desks and eating their lunches while walking around the parking lot, they’ve probably heard the latest medical news — that sitting can kill you.

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