Men...If You’re Trying to Make A Baby, You May Want to Ditch the Booze - At Least For 6 Months

When it comes to conceiving babies and pregnancy, we tend to only think of the woman in regards to alcohol consumption.

Exercise May Help You Overcome Fertility Issues

It can be a physically and emotionally taxing as well as an expensive journey for women who are struggling with infertility and doing everything in their power to get pregnant. I’m talking about women who choose the route of undergoing fertility treatments.

If You’re Pregnant, You’re Not “Eating for Two.” But You Should Be Eating to Avoid a Low Birth Weight Baby

Everyone seems to be on royal baby watch. And one of the things people appear to be particularly interested in is what Meghan Markle is eating during her pregnancy.

Protect Your Unborn Child by Being Proactive About Gestational Diabetes

Kate Middleton is already a mother of three. But because she is the Duchess of Cambridge, everyone wants to know if Prince William and her plan on expanding their royal family.

Tamron Hall is Pregnant with First Child at 48. Is Age Now Just a Number When It Comes to Fertility?

Broadcast journalist and television host Tamron Hall recently announced she is well into being pregnant with her first child. She is 48-years-old.

Attention Pregnant Moms: Are You Eating Fish?

New studies show that fish, raw or cooked, may have a plethora of health benefits for mothers and their babies. However, particularly with eating raw fish, there are some risks a pregnant woman might want to consider.

The Prebiotic in Breast Milk May Prevent Allergies in Children

There are varying opinions on whether a mother should breastfeed her baby in public or how old is too old for a child to be breastfed.

What Do Non-Diabetic Blood Sugar Spikes Early in Pregnancy Have to Do with Your Unborn Baby? - A Lot!

When you are expecting a baby, you hope for the best and do everything in your power to protect the health of your unborn child.

Can Breastfeeding Lower Your Chances of Postpartum Depression?

Australian Senator Larissa Waters recently caught the world’s attention by doing something many new mothers do. She breastfed her newborn baby girl. Waters and her 11 and a half week old daughter made history by being the first mother and child to engage in breastfeeding in Australia's federal Parliament.

Are You Pregnant? Avoid Getting Listeria Bacteria

You have probably heard of food recalls from your local and national news. These announcements warn us not to buy and consume certain foods or products in grocery stores due to contamination with Listeria, a bacterial infection caused by the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. This infection typically stems from eating contaminated food, resulting in an illness called listeriosis.

For all pregnant mothers and soon to be: 3 things to avoid premature birth

Preterm birth refers to babies born before 37 weeks’ gestation. Babies who are born early may be at risk for breathing, heart, gastrointestinal and developmental problems. In the U.S., 11.4 percent of births are preterm (twice as high as several other developed nations, researchers say). But new research suggests up to a quarter of these preterm births may be preventable by addressing three simple risk factors that are within your control.

Be proactive about uterine fibroids

My friend looked four months pregnant. "Congrat--" was all I could utter, before she interrupted me. "Fibroid." Instead of a baby, a fibroid, or leiomyoma, was stretching out her uterus in noticeable fashion. She had the most common pelvic tumor, one that's seen in 12-25 percent of reproductive-age women. Hers wasn't symptomatic, but many women who have fibroids notice lower abdominal pain, heavy and long menstrual bleeding, or problems getting pregnant.

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