7 Foods Okinawans Eat, And Perhaps You Should Too!

One of the most powerful methods for attaining healthy and happy longevity is through maintaining a healthy and nutrient-rich diet. The Okinawans, a community of people from a group of islands in Japan’s southernmost prefecture, are living proof of this.

Vegan, Raw Food Influencer Dies of Suspected Starvation. Claimed She Didn’t Drink Water for 6 Years!

Zhanna Samsonova, a Russian vegan and raw food diet enthusiast and influencer, died last month of suspected starvation or malnutrition. Her diet was so extreme that she allegedly lived off of only fruits, sunflower seed sprouts, fruit smoothies and juices.

5 Healthy Things You Don’t Know About Capers

Capers are usually treated as a garnish or an ingredient you might add to sauces. If you are a fan of chicken piccata, you know that capers are the star of this dish. What you might not know, however, is that capers pack a lot of nutrients and potential health benefits.

Want to Improve Overall Diet & Support Heart Health? Eat Watermelon!

July is National Watermelon Month, and two recent studies have uncovered new health benefits of consuming watermelon.

5 Not So Ordinary Salads to Make 4th of July Healthy But Delicious

The following salad recipes from Jessica Lawson, a food blogger who founded Big Delicious Life, will definitely make your 4th of July healthy but still delicious.

You May Not Live in One of the World’s 5 Blue Zones, But You Can Follow the Lifestyle

There’s a religious group largely based in Loma Linda, California with people who are apparently living about a decade longer than most Americans. I’m talking about Seventh-day Adventists!

June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month! Here’s What’s In Season

I think we should celebrate eating fresh fruits and veggies every month, but I’m excited to really dive into summer by going to the farmers market and taking advantage of what’s in season.

A Guide to Eating Farmed Salmon

When I first started writing this blog I felt like a bit of an imposter, because I try to only eat fish and seafood that is wild-caught. But the reality is that wild-caught is not always readily available or accessible to us all, so why not educate ourselves on how to find the best possible farmed fish and seafood? Let’s start with salmon, the most popular fish in the United States.

Chemical Chickens? You May Want to Put Store-Bought Rotisserie Chickens on Naughty Processed Foods List

We’ve all done it. You’re in the grocery store, filling your cart with fresh fruits and vegetables and raw grass-fed meat with every intention to go home and cook a nice healthy meal from scratch and then you smell it – the rotisserie chicken.

Why California is Trying to Ban These 5 Food Additives

Be an informed consumer and learn why California is trying to ban these five food chemicals that are already banned in Europe.

Why You Will Never See Tilapia On My Plate

I regularly eat wild-caught salmon, which is a great source of vitamins B12 and B6, selenium, phosphorus, omega-3 fats and more. Halibut, cod and trout are some other fish preferences of mine, but tilapia is not one of them.

Calling All Peanut Butter Lovers!

Yes, peanut butter is fattening. It is also a good source of healthy fats called monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. (These types of fats are also found in avocados and olive oil). As with everything in life, moderation is key.

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