How much time do you spend on your phone daily? The average American spends nearly 11 hours of screen time

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By pH health care professionals

How often do you think you spend each day consuming media? Between your radio, TV, personal computer and devices, it may be more than you think! If you are like most Americans, you’re looking at 10 hours and 39 minutes of screen time, a recent Nielsen report shows. And because Nielsen collects data on media consumption only, that’s not even including the time you spend doing other things on your phone like taking photos or texting.

This reflects an hour increase from last year’s report, possibly due to the rise in smartphone and tablet usage. About 81 percent of U.S. adults have smartphones, the report shows, according to CNN. However, radio and TV still reign supreme. The average adult spends four and a half hours watching TV shows and movies each day.

Is this a problem?

It could be. With rising rates of obesity and diabetes, taking inventory of how much time we’re spending in front of a screen while being sedentary is essential. Too much screen time may increase your risk for obesity, and obesity increases your risk for a host of health issues.

What should you do? Be proactive!

You don’t have to quit your screens cold turkey, but consider moving screens out of your bedroom, take breaks from your devices, and find a hobby that keeps you active. Why? So you can avoid disease and enjoy your healthy life!

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