The American Medical Association Adopts New Policy On BMI & Measuring Obesity. Here’s What You Need to Know

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently adopted a new policy regarding how BMI plays a role in measuring obesity. I’ve always stressed that body composition data, which will tell you how much muscle, fat and water your body contains, is far more important than BMI.

African Americans Have Higher Rates of Diabetes, And Vitamin D May Be a Key Player in This

Back in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry encouraged African Americans to increase their intake of vitamin D. Through social media, where Perry has millions of followers, he stressed that although it is not a cure for COVID-19, taking a vitamin D supplement may help fight the virus. He shared that his vitamin D level was low and said that this is actually common in Black people.

Are You A Late Night Eater? Here’s Why You Might Want to Stop

As we become more knowledgeable about our diets and eating habits, it’s evident that maintaining good health is not just about what we eat but also about when we eat. Timing is important. When we eat may even be a contributing factor as to why nearly 42 percent of Americans are obese. 

This Truth About Fat May Be Hard to Digest

Many people believe that we can look at a person and assess whether he or she has too much body fat. It is safe to assume that an obese person may have an excessive amount of body fat. On the other hand, not all skinny or “healthy weight” people are metabolically healthy.

Having a Baby? Why The First 1,000 Days of Nutrition Are Key

Babies don’t know what cake or soda is anyway, so why give it to them? Perhaps it’s time we all rethink the one-year-old celebration smash cake. 

The Kind of Sitting We Need to Stand Up About!

Think about it. Our daily lives are practically “designed” to sit the majority of the day. Working, scrolling social media, watching television, playing video games, eating, driving and reading are all activities that often involve prolonged periods of sitting.

Trainer Says Letting Your Child Be Obese is Abuse. This May Be Harsh!

I’m sure Nick Mitchell, who is a celebrity personal trainer, ruffled a lot of feathers when he made a public statement saying that letting your child be obese is pretty much a form of child abuse. He even said that it’s no different than letting your child smoke or use drugs, according to one report.

The Power of B Vitamins When It Comes to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

I don’t think people really think about the effects of excessive fat build-up around the body’s organs. For one, we can’t see it like we may be able to see our bulging stomach. Secondly, we may not feel the impact of the stress that too much fat can put on the internal organs until serious disease develops. This is why, in my opinion, fat can be a silent killer.

There May Be a Shortage of Candy This Halloween, But Here Is Why You Should Not Be Bitter

I am not trying to be the party spoiler of Halloween and holiday seasons, but we can no longer afford to ignore that our children’s health is at risk. So, the anticipated candy shortage as a bad thing. 

Man In His Fifties Reverses Prediabetes and Takes Back His Health.

The following story is very inspiring. It represents the epitome of what it means to take ownership of your health and be proactive despite the setbacks.

Is Married Life Making You Fat?

I came across this hilarious TikTok of a man devouring a plate of fried, fatty food that a woman cooked for him. He quickly goes from saying that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship to saying that he wants to marry the woman who made him such delicious food. This made me laugh out loud, but honestly all I can think when I watch this is; there is nothing green on his plate!

Be Proactive About Nutrition Before Pregnancy. Your Child’s Heart May Depend On It

March is National Nutrition Month, and I think many of us would agree that the nutrition of our children is of the utmost importance. What people may not realize, however, is that women need to consume a healthy diet even before getting pregnant. Our diet before pregnancy may affect the health of our future child. 

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